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About Naples Underground Tours

Naples Underground Tours is not only fascinating but also holds significance in terms of archaeological, historical and geological aspects. Get down through the narrow tunnels and explore the unknown through a once in a lifetime opportunity with your Naples Underground Tours. The tour will take you through 40 m under the ground that will expand your knowledge about this place which has supported the city of Naples for about 5000 years. Inside this parallel world that lies beneath the surface of the city that we see at present, lies a maze of tunnels, tanks and cavities.Get transferred to the past by being part of this tour and witness the world that dates around 2400 years back. The walls of the underground Naples talk about the marks that the significant Historical events have left on them. The foundation of Neapolis and the bombs of World War 2 can be seen on the yellow Tufa stone walls on your excurtion of underground tour of Naples. There are various combo tour options which allow you to explore other prominent places in addition to the underground tour of Naples in a cost efficient way.

Naples Underground Tours

Naples Underground Guided Tour

Naples holds a 3000-year-old history within its walls and surroundings and the only way to witness and admire the beauty of this city is via an Underground tour of Naples. This tour will lead you to the history buried under the floors of the present Naples City that had been isolated yet connected with the modern world. With the help of a professional guide, you’ll get inside the tunnels which are situated beneath the ground and witness the ancient world and era breathing within Italy.

Naples Underground Entrance Ticket

Standing in the long queues and waiting for the ticket confirmation for Naples underground city tour can be really exhausting, especially during the summers. Pre-booking the tickets is advised to avoid inconvenience and have a peaceful and joyful visit to the world beneath the ground. In addition to a guide who can speak in both English and Italian language to assist you get inside the old air-raid shelters, you can also see the Hypogeum Gardens, a new subterranean garden.

Naples Walking Tour and Underground Ruins

On your Naples walking Tour and underground ruins, you will see the ancient history of the Greeks, Romans, Mediaeval and Baroques. You will walk and cover Castel Nuovo - Maschio Angioino, Piazza del Gesù Nuovo, Via San Gregorio Armeno and Galleria Umberto I on your Naples underground city tour. The highlight of this tour is visiting Na[les At this place, you will learn about the religion and Neapolitan culture that Naples witnessed during these times.

Naples Private Food Tour and Underground from Rome

With the business class high-speed round-trip train tickets, you can enjoy an incredible train journey from Rome to Naples. Your guide will assist you from the station and help you discover ancient and historical views throughout your journey. The taste of food from the country begins with the traditional Neapolitan breakfast offered to you on the train. The streets of Via Dei Tribunali will serve delicious Neapolitan pizza and beer on your tables. Before boarding back to Rome, have a sweet dish called Babá to celebrate your visit to the historic place.

Tickets for Naples Underground and Access to Self-Guided Tours in Naples

By booking this ticket, not only you get to explore and adore the beauty of the underground tunnel but also get on a self guided tour around the city. A guide will be there with you when you get inside the tunnel who will brief you about the history and intriguing stories about the place. In addition to visiting an ancient theater, tiled period drains, you will also come across the ancient aqueduct that was the source of water for Naples for the past many centuries.


Which Naples Underground tour is best?

Napoli Sotterranea is the most visited site on Underground Tour Naples, Italy. The City is located 40 m Deep in the main grounds. This is an entirely different world. Apart from this, Galleria Borbonica and La Neapolis Sotterranea are the most admired wonders by tourists.

How long is the Naples Underground Tour?

Naples underground tour takes a complete one-hour visit of tourists. The air raid Shelters of World War 2 and the Tufa stone walls that laid the foundation of the City can be observed here.

How deep are the tunnels beneath Naples?

The tunnels beneath the grounds of Naples city are 40 m Deep. Caves, sewer tunnels, aqueducts, Roadways and rain tunnels can be found here. There are even some Caves that are full of water today also.

What is the best time to do the Naples Underground Tour?

Underground tours of Naples, Italy, can be enjoyed throughout the year. The weather is pleasant and appealing over here. You can avoid the months of July and August. A Tour in spring and fall can be an unforgettable one.

From where can you purchase Naples Underground Tours?

Various packages are available online and offline both. According to your time schedule and the availability of guides, you can book any of the packages that are available for Underground Tour Naples, Italy.


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