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About Things to do in Naples

Known as one of the oldest continuously inhabited urban cities in the whole, there is no dearth of things to do in Naples. Being the country’s third largest city as well as the regional capital of the Campania region, Naples is home to stunning art galleries and museums, beautiful serene vineyards, as well as many other man-made and natural wonders, from the royal palaces, to Mount Vesuvius, and more.

The list of top things to do in Naples is endless, and includes activities that are spread across a wide array of categories. In addition to climbing Mount Vesuvius on your visit to the city, you can also explore the ancient ruins of Pompeii, which ranks amongst the best things to do in Naples. You must also not miss out on visiting the royal palaces of Caserta and Naples when you are here, or head over to the San Gennaro Catacombs, for an even more memorable experience.

Popular Things to Do in Naples

A visit to Naples, the third largest city in Italy, is sure to be an experience of a kind, as it is here where you can enjoy the best of everything, from exquisite dining and exploring age-old monuments and landmarks, to going on tours of the vineyards on the slopes of Mount Vesuvius, or even admiring the extensive collection of contemporary art that the city’s galleries and museums are home to. Nestled right along the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, some of the most popular things to do in Naples include visiting and exploring the UNESCO-listed ruins of Pompeii, where you can get a chance to witness what life during the ancient Roman civilisation used to be like. Visiting Museo di Capodimonte and the Naples National Archaeological Museum also rank as some of the best things to do in Naples Italy, as they offer you insights into the incredible wealth of art, culture and architecture of the city.

Visit Reggia Di Caserta

One of the best things to do in Naples is to visit Reggia di Caserta, or the Royal Palace of Caserta, located in the northern side of the city. This palace is considered to be an architectural masterpiece of the Bourbon Empire and the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies. It is also the largest palace in the world in terms of volume, and is home to the royal park, royal apartments, an art gallery, a palatine chapel and other attractions.

Explore The Ruins Of Pompeii

A visit to Naples will be incomplete without exploring the ruins of Pompeii, an ancient Roman city which was destroyed and buried under the volcanic ash when Mount Vesuvius erupted in 79 AD. As of today, it is one of the best preserved archaeological sites in the world, and offers visitors an insight into the lifestyle of people during the roman era.

Visit Museo Di Capodimonte

Visiting Museo Di Capodimonte is amongst the best things to do in Naples, as it is here where you can discover an extensive collection of artworks and other artefacts from the medieval, early modern, as well as the contemporary eras. The museum is spread across 3 floors and 160 rooms, and boasts of having masterpieces like Crucifixion by Masaccio, Madonna with Child and Angels by Botticelli as well as the incredible Farnese Collection, among others.

Discover Mount Vesuvius

Located just a few kilometres towards the outskirts of Naples is Mount Vesuvius, a visit to which is one of the most popular experiences to have here. Mount Vesuvius is an active volcano, the only one in all of Europe, and one of the most dangerous in the whole world. In addition to climbing all the way to the top to see the crater here, you can also enjoy serene views of the Bay of Naples and the Amalfi Coast from here.

Visit Naples National Archaeological Museum

Another one of the most recommended things to do in Naples Italy is to visit the Naples National Archaeological Museum, which is known for being home to some of the most important and significant collections of Roman as well as Greek sculptures in the whole world. You can also find artefacts from the Temple of Isis as well as age-old Papyrus rolls here.

Admire Castel Nuovo

Located in the centre of the city, and dating all the way back to 1279 is the Castel Nuovo, admiring which is a great experience in Naples. With a structure straight out of fairytales, this castle boasts of 4 soaring towers and high walls, and is also home to Naples’s Civic Museum, where you can find a large collection of sculptures and paintings from the 14th century.

Explore Catacombe di San Gennaro

Amongst the top things to do in Naples is exploring Catacombe di San Gennaro, or the San Gennaro Catacombs, located a mere 100 steps below the city. These catacombs are home to more than 3000 burial sites, the most popular one of which is that of San Gennaro himself. You can also find some of Italy’s oldest Christian art here, all of which are preserved extremely well in the catacombs.

Visit Gallerie D'Italia - Palazzo Zevallos Stigliano

The Gallerie d’Italia was built in the 17th century for a Spanish merchant, and is known for the Palazzo Zevallos Stigliano, which is home to one of the most beautiful collections of Neapolitan as well as Italian art from the 17th to the early 20th centuries. One of the major highlights here is “The Martyrdom of St Ursula,” which was made by Caravaggio in 1610.

Admire Palazzo Reale

When looking for things to do in Naples, pay a visit to, and admire Palazzo Reale, or the Royal Palace of Naples. Amongst the most offbeat tourist attractions of the city, this palace boasts of objects, artefacts, tapestries, rooms as well as decorations which date back to the Bourbon and Spanish eras in history. The palace is also home to the National Library, where you can find a large collection of papyrus rolls from Herculaneum.


What are the best things to do in Naples?

Some of the best and most recommended things to do in Naples are:- Exploring Pompeii and Herculaneum- Visiting the underground city - Taking a ride along the Naples Cable Railway Lines- Indulging in a delicious Neapolitan pizza- Taking a boat tour to the coasts of Amalfi and Capri- Admiring the contemporary art at the different museums and galleries- Enjoying a tour of the vineyards

What is the best time to visit Naples?

The best time to visit Naples is during the months of April to June and September to early November, which are the shoulder seasons here. In addition to pleasant weather conditions during these months, the crowds are also quite less, which makes it easier to explore the city and indulge in the wide array of different experiences here.

What are the best things to do in Naples with family?

Some of the best things to do in Naples with family include:- Trying the Neapolitan pizza- Visiting the Naples National Archaeological Museum- Spending time at the Naples Cathedral- Explore the ancient castles of the city- Marvel at the Hanging Gardens of the Certosa di San Martino

Is Naples Italy worth visiting?

Yes, Naples, Italy is surely worth visiting. Nestled against the gulf and surrounded by the sea, this tranquil city is one of the most beautiful places in all of Italy, backed by a long and rich history. Known for the delicious Neapolitan pizza and other delicacies, the city also boasts of stunning beaches, age-old structures, as well as numerous churches and marketplaces, which makes it a great place for tourists with all different kinds of interests and preferences.

What to know before going to Naples?

  • The best time to visit Naples is in the late spring season, right before the arrival of the summer crowds, or during the early fall season, after the high season has come to an end.
  • While Italian is the official language in Naples, a lot of people also speal Napolitano or Neapolitan dialects, and English is spoken in most restaurants and hotels.
  • The euro is the official currency of Naples as well as the rest of Italy, and most major credit cards, like Visa and Mastercard are widely accepted in this city.
  • The best way to get around Naples is on foot, or by using public transport, such as Metro, Buses, Trams as well as the Incline Railways.
  • While Naples is a safe city, it is best to remain vigilant when exploring it on foot.
  • It is always best to try the local cuisine here, since it is not only delicious, but also easily available and very affordable.

Is Pompeii worth visiting?

Yes, Pompeii is definitely worth visiting. It is known as one of the oldest cities in the world, and is also amongst the most well-preserved archaeological ruins that you can ever come across. A visit to Pompeii will help you gain insights into the centuries that have gone by, while also giving you a glimpse into the lives of the people of the ancient Roman civilisation.

Does anyone live in the Royal Palace of Caserta?

Yes, two of the most prominent members of the royal family, namely Prince Carlo, who is the Duke of Castro, and his wife Princess Camilla, the Duchess of Castro, live in the Royal Palace of Caserta.

Can you visit the ruins of Pompeii?

Yes, you can visit and even explore the ruins of Pompeii, and come across famous archaeological discoveries like the Forum, the Stabian Baths, the amphitheatre, and more.


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